Introduction to Online Pokies

Online pokies (otherwise known as online slots) is a type of online casino game that originated and mostly used in Australia. Most casino games have experienced tremendous growth with the introduction of the internet and pokies is no exemption. Check our homepage for more related article.

Pokies - Where did it all start from?

Pitt and Sittman designed a machine for gambling in 1891, which serve as the predecessor for today's pokies. The game has five drums, which can hold up to fifty cards. After that, Charles Fey designed a machine in 1895, that is similar to what modern pokies have developed into.

The machine designed by Charles Fey has three reels with five symbols. The machine was known as Liberty Bell. To play this game, you need to drop a coin and pull the machine lever. In 1953, a company with the name Aristocrat developed a machine called Clubman.

How to play online pokies at casino?

As a new player, you need to know how to play online pokies. Playing pokies is simple and straightforward. With the advent of the internet, you can even play it at your comfort via your mobile browser. First, you need to select a trustworthy online casino.

After that, you need to select your coin size and place a bet. Additionally, after placing your bet, then you will spin the machine reel. The reels will then spin and stop. If the reel stops on the winning symbols, then you will be credited, otherwise, you lose your bet.


Online Pokies - What to look for ?

Playing pokies online can be fun, but most importantly, you need to know what to look for to prevent wasting your time or money. First, choose a reputable and licensed casino to wager with. Also, play pokies developed by prominent software developers like Bally Tech, Konami, IGT, Aristocrat, etc.

Additionally, when choosing the type of online pokies to play, pay attention to the pay tables and play pokies that have a high payout percentage. It will ensure that you get back most of your wagered money in the long run. Also, check out for bonus when choosing online pokies.

What are the types of Online Pokies?

As a new online pokies player, you need to know the type of online pokies that are available to make a better decision. There are mainly three categories of online pokies. One of these is the 3-reel pokies. These type of pokies has lesser payouts when compared to modern pokies.

Another type of online pokies is 5-reel pokies. This type of pokies gives the player a better chance of winning with a larger payout. Also, progressive jackpot pokies have 5 reels, but the difference is that the progressive jackpot pokies massive payout of over a million.

The Final Verdict

Online pokies, otherwise known as slot machines outside Australia, is undoubtedly one of the most popular games that you will find in today's online casino. Playing pokies online is fun and entertaining, most importantly, you can play it from the comfort of your home via your mobile browser.

Additionally, online pokies have been designed to be fully compatible across all mobile platforms. So, whether you are using Android, Windows or iOS, you are good to go. Also, before you choose where to play your favourite pokies online, you should research base on your preference.