Online Casino Bonuses

Looking to make some good time playing your favourite casino game at your casino? Welcome to the iGaming age where bonuses form a lifeline for most casinos on the internet. This article explores different types of online casino bonuses and the best way to use them in making some real bucks as well. Click here to read more insights at .

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

In ordinary set-ups, people have different tastes for gifts they would wish presented to them. This is the same case with online casinos as well. iGamers live different kinds of presents. For instance, a player could be interested in free spins for their favourite slot while another would just wish for a matching cash deposit applicable to more games. More highlights at

Its is, therefore, a good idea to settle for a casino bonus that you understand how to apply. For instance, some casinos will offer some free spins that can be played on specific slots only. This means that your casino may offer you 10 free spins that can only be used with Starburst slot. Such a bonus is very specific and can only be used in that manner.

Free Spins - Online Casino Bonus

The free spins bonus is one of the commonest bonus offered by almost every online casino on the internet. So, what exactly is a free spin? A free spin is simply a chance given to you to spin reels on your preferred slot without having to pay a single dime for it. It's important to note that normally, each spin costs a few cents.

With free spins, your balance on the casino account is not deducted till you exhaust your free spins. This bonus is also referred to as free games or even bonus games. Notably, there are some few aspects of free spins that need to be addressed before delving deeper into the topic. Ever heard of wagering requirements after getting awarded some few bonus games?

Wagering Requirements for Free Spins

Some gifts come with some conditions that one may need to satisfy before they can fully enjoy the benefits that come with the gift. For free spins, these conditions may partially be referred to as wagering requirements. Wagering requirements, therefore, would be taken to mean, the number of times you need to wager a casino bonus in order to be allowed to successfully withdraw winnings.

  • Some casinos come with a 30x wagering requirement
  • Others come with up to 50x wagering requirement.

For instance, if you just qualified for some free spins with a 35x wagering requirement, any winnings you make may need to be wagered 35 times in order to withdraw them. Its important to note that some players do not carefully review terms and conditions for bonuses given and this often results in friction with the casino staff or more so unnecessary confrontations.

Cash Deposit Bonuses

Just as mentioned earlier, slots are not everyone's cup of coffee and this translates to free spins not being everyone's preference. Online casinos are highly cognizant of this fact and therefore have put in place another type of bonus known as a free cash deposit bonus. Here, once you sign up, you may be awarded a free cash deposit or a matching cash deposit as well.

Free cash deposits mean that your casino won't require you to deposit any cash to your account. Instead, they can give a constant amount for all players coming on board. On the other hand, a casino may require you to deposit some funds before you can qualify for a cash bonus. They then may offer a certain percentage of the cash you deposited.


Final Thoughts on Online Casino Bonuses

Bonuses from online casinos come with immense benefits. Firstly, you can use the bonuses to make real money. Indeed, many punters are always looking towards monetizing any bonuses awarded to them. There are many other ways that you could usefully use the bonuses. For instance, you could opt to use the bonus to test some new slots in your online casino's lobby.

You can also use the bonus awarded by your casino to try out some new gaming strategies as well. This means that you could use the free spins or even the free cash deposit to try out some new tricks without using your real money balance on the account. Regardless of how you view it, free spins are highly essential for the modern-day iGamer.